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King`s Bounty: Legions is one of the latest free online strategy games for Facebook with high quality graphics and innovative turn based combat. Similarly to popular strategies Heroes of the Might and Magic, King`s Bounty: Legions is turn based online strategy game, where we are moving on adventure map using our hero and controlling our units during the combat. Ready for real challenge? Each of them has strengths and weaknesses against other units, and we are controlling them on battlefield, divided by the small fields (octagons). We are learning during the game, which type of units is the most effective against a certain opponents, while using special abilities and variety of spells to recover from deadly attacks on the battlefield.

What is worth to add, game is far more challenging than typical games found on Facebook, especially on the higher experience level. Typically, one of the most interesting thing in King`s Bounty is player vs player battles, often very challenging similarly like in other free online strategy games, where player are quite demanding opponents. Battles against Facebook friends are a lot easier than random players. In fact, so heavily encouraged is PvP that taking part in it, lose or win, will see your stamina bar refilled.

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Russian Heroes?! No!

Some are saying that the King`s Bounty was Russian version of Heroes of Might and Magic, but after King`s Bounty: The Legend these games are much more than just clones. In order to properly train new knights and officers for service to the king of the realm, we are receiving recruits with a handy tutorial which will help to familiarize both veterans of the King`s Bounty series and new comers alike. Those already accustomed to strategy games such as Heroes of Might and Magic will immediately breathe a sigh of relief as their eyes browse over the hexagonal game board which we all hold so dearly.

Turn based strategy games

Turn based strategy games have been always with players since the beginning of ages – everyone perfectly know chess, known also as `The Game of Kings`. It`s also turn based strategy. Currently idea of that type of strategy games drastically expanded and they are much more complicated than classic chess. We would like to present the best turn based strategy games for everyone who seeks adventure and amazing challenge. Iron Grip: Marauders is a post-apocalyptic, steampunk and one of the browser turn based strategy games. It features high quality graphics (game is created using Unity 3D engine) and exceptionally deep gameplay. In Iron Grip: Marauders players are controlling bunch of marauders, who seeks treasures, adventures and glory while pillaging various villages and towns.

Game is set in the universe of Iron Grip, – world of constant struggle, devastated by brutal wars. Combat is fast paced and is handled by simple and easy to grasp controls. They should apply to most, even non-hardcore players. It reminds in some aspects other popular browser games like Caesary, but its combat style distinguishes it from most strategy games available currently on the market. Researching new technologies is one of the most important things – without advanced weaponry players is practically defenseless. Another thing which players should care is to mine/capture rare resources. There are various constructions which gather resources, although good balance between population and number of recruited army and buildings are essential in Iron Grip: Marauders. Through advancing on next stages of the game, by completing missions, players are getting experience and gain access to purchase of officers. In order to be able to build additional bases, there are required officers, who act as their administrators. After some time, we can clash with other players in exciting Player vs Player features, which is great way to have a break from city managing activities.

Dungeon Overlord

Dungeon Overlord is a dungeon builder and one of the free online strategy games, where players are becoming evil overlords. Gameplay style looks like a combination of classic Facebook online strategy games and released in 1999 Dungeon Keeper. Unlike Dungeon Keeper where players were only building and defending their dungeons, in Dungeon Overlord they have to be more offensive and invade other dungeons. Fight with enemies and become ultimate evil overlord! That`s the game main motto!

Evil is good

Through the tutorial players are learning various in-game basics. First days can be difficult, because we start surrounded by rocks and lava; everything must be built practically from scratch. All newbie overlords have few warlocks, who are researching new, boosting up mining technologies, and goblin minions. Creating own dungeon takes some time – it takes mostly a week or two, depending on player`s in-game activity.

Meanwhile players are getting knowledge how to fight, mine resources and upgrade technologies, to make most of processes faster. Dungeon must be strengthen in order to be able to venture fights. At the later stages of game and after building a self-prosperous dungeon, players can start pillaging villages and attack other players. It`s where game starts for real and where being evil starts feeling very good. It`s unusual, because large part of games focuses mostly on giving player fun for approximately one, two weeks and then there is nothing more to do. In Dungeon Overlord players need to prepare for longer play. Conquered dungeons are rather cramped and players need to think before building anything. Even premium currency is not able to make dungeons bigger, although they speed up construction.

During the tutorial, players have to conquer some elven dungeons. Thanks to their sacrifice, players are able to make some progress and learn how to fight while having small loses. Whole tutorial takes some time, but it`s worth to complete it. Combat in Dungeon Overlord is based mostly on sending army in desired place and then waiting for result.

Strategy flash games

Ready for fantastic strategy flash games? Maybe you are looking for amazing tower defense or unique flash games? All games in this article are exceptionally flash games, combining strategy, rpg or other genres into exceptional game! Check out top 7 strategy flash games now!

1. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is fantastic strategy flash game for everyone who is searching for high quality tower defense. Game has a lot to offer; amazing quality, quality sound effects, splendid graphics and deep gameplay and much more. There is a lot to talk about this amazing online strategy game.

Gameplay is very innovating, basically revolutionizing, if we are talking about tower defense strategy flash games. Like in other games, we must build alongside the road, tower to eliminate enemies walking or running towards the exit grid. Game is offering 12, quality designed cartoonish graphics with spectacular sound effects. In Kingdom Rush we are able to upgrade each of the 4 main types of towers, cannons, archers or mages; we can also use powerful meteor shower spell or reinforcement to help us anywhere on the map. There is very big variety of opponents, from armor units, very resistant to any physical attack, but weak against magic damage or flying units can be attacked mostly by archers and wizards, but not artillery. There are 2 modes to play, available after we complete mission during the campaign. First one is to survive massive waves with 1 life to lose and second is to survive one deadly wave with 1 life. With variety of units, challenging levels and enjoyable gameplay is must try!

Kingdom Rush is a free online strategy game like no other, with marvelous quality, exceptional graphics and sounds effect. It`s a game you can`t ignore; it`s something far more than just a simple tower defense game. Game modes are very challenging for players who are looking for something more, while campaign is more likely for casual players. Game is must play for everyone who play strategy flash games!

Galactic Allies

Galactic Allies is one of the best real time strategy available for Facebook and spectacular game for everyone who likes to command, trade and fight! It`s very good game for those who enjoy science fiction, action and all kind of perfect games available.


We are starting the game as a part of space federation (SITO), they are keeping the peace in the galaxy, fighting with pirates, marauders or terrorists. After some time pirate activity increased so high, that you need to investigate it and punish whoever is involved. Story elements are very good, I was positively surprised because Facebook games rarely are showing something more for players than daily grind. Galactic Allies is an exceptional game showing long term gaming experience, for everyone who dare. At a glance we can say that game isn`t maybe the best looking game, but it`s surely innovative and detailed.

Every menu I`ve found in Galactic Allies s very smartly designed and intuitive. Sound & music? Everything is very well done, even though there is no voice work.

Everything during the game is great, we will fight against dozen of enemies, trade, mine resources, while discovering what is all about. First of all we begin our journey with the game, while owning only to tiny ships. Battles are taking place on a single screen which is very effective and yet simple – commanding them is easy and deep. Ships have to energy bars; one is called `shields` second is called `hull rating`. What to do besides fighting? First of these are all economy features, with exploring planets to seek resources – very important like in other free online strategy games. I worth to mention that game is depending upon energy, typically like many other Facebook games.


Little break from free online strategy games? Farmerama is a game similar to Farmville, but there is no need to own Facebook account in order to play it. In this 2D browser farming simulation players are planting crops, raise animals and fruit trees and do various assignments to obtain farmer`s glory, which is most prosperous farm in the world. It`s where players are socializing with friends and face farm simulation challenges.

Old McDonald had a farm…

Farmerama is farm simulation strategy game where every day hundreds of thousands farmers take care with their farms. Game`s concept is itself very simple and main in-game objective is a completely self-prosperous farm, with various plants, vegetables and animals. Managing everything at the same time isn`t such easy as it may sound and it`s similar to jobs of every real life farmer (of course without physical work).

Player has to watch over his crops, respond on changing weather, wait for crops until they will be ready to gather etc. Player own quite large part of land, with farmhouse, a barn, a manure pile, a mill and a water tank. There is possibility to breed various animals like chickens, cows, horses and other. It would be too boring to raise only standard `farm` animals, so developers added such exotic species like camels, ostriches or kangaroos. Animals (and humans) need something to eat, so virtual farmer grows various plants, flowers, trees and vegetables. In order to raise animals properly, players needs farm mill, which will give him access to pasture. Those who enjoy that kind of entertainment should find Farmerama entertaining; the game has intuitive HUD, basics are very easy to grasp and background is animated. …but prefers playing in Farmerama There are various simulation farms, but Farmerama is unique despite obvious similarities to very popular Facebook game, Farmville.

World war 2 games

Everyone want sometimes to play historical strategy or war games, as someone who enjoy World War 2 games, I`m often searching for exceptional games set during this devastating conflict. The following games are probably the best World War 2 games available, or those you should check out, even for a moment.

1. WarStory: Europe in Flames

WarStory: Europe in Flames is browser World War 2 game, with innovative gameplay, high quality graphics and interesting gameplay. You are becoming ambitious commander who is willing to capture Berlin and finish the war. Are you accepting this challenge?

First thing is to choose which side we want to play during the game; US or USSR. Axis forces are controlled only by AI. What is important our choice is related to War Theater or front, by picking US, we are fighting at western front, and USSR, eastern front which is historically correct. By taking Berlin, race is over and is restarting. As player, our role is to command units on the battlefield, beating Germans. They are occupying large part of the Europe, and we must take town after town, from their hands. During various missions, we are struggling to win `race to Berlin` and this way end the war. WarStory is focusing only on the battle, controlling units and tactics. Everything else isn`t important.

There are dozens of unique units available in the game and every single one is from World War 2, so every tank, artillery or infantry was used in this conflict. Each have own strengths and weaknesses, abilities very helpful during our road to the ultimate victory. After some time, we will know which one is best during certain circumstances and when we have to use it properly. Maneuvers and better tactics are the key to success! During the battles, we can defeat enemy units much easier when we attack them from rare or by surrounding them. Minimalize your casualties; minimalize your effort to be the greatest commander during the World War 2!


Imperion is a science-fiction free to play browser strategy game made by same developer behind Travian. Game concept reminds at several points popular game oGame, but is much more expanded and complicated. Those who start playing in Imperion has to prepare for long-haul gaming and slow paced gameplay, which makes it one of better games for coffee-breaks especially, because Imperion require is game oriented for more mature players. It requires more thinking than most available browser strategy games.


Game at the beginning is similar to oGame – players have to build constructions, colonize planets, trade and then build and command a fleet. Players after the registration are choosing from three available races. First race are Terrans, humans. They have very good adaptive skills and know how to balance their strengths. Second are Xens – offensive lizardmen with focus on massive attack. Last are intelligent race of Titans, oldest race in galaxy. Terrans have copied from Titans many technological solutions and used them on their advantage.

Every of three races have various strength and weakness and Xens may be recommended for active players, Titans are very defensive while Terrans are most balanced race.

At the beginning of the game there is a very long and comprehensive tutorial. Game has small, but very tight and mature community – players are very helpful when explaining game mechanics. But in the most cases, in-game support system resolves most problems that may occur, while taking first steps in game universe. Tutorial is not long and it takes about hour, so it`s not a huge deal to complete it. Just like in most games, it features completing a bunch of basic quests, which act as introduction to complicated in-game mechanics.

After learning up basic gameplay, gathering resources and raising up and upgrading starting buildings, players are able to build an army and expand influence on neighbor planets. It`s not a hard thing to do, quest system is aiding player on what he should do next.